Your Face Gym.


Face Gymnastics

The Face Gymnastics is neither a treatment nor a surgery.

It`s a gym training.
No risk, no pain!
It`s fun!

This method only requires one - regularity & endurance

One can look better and younger by regular body exercises.

Equally, this also applies to our face.

Your daily routine set does not take more than 10 minutes.

The exercise is designed to train the muscles of the neck, chin, lips, cheeks and forehead.

If you want to see real results, you need a regular, systematic and good training plan.

In this sense,

Face Gymnastics is a revolutionary discovery!

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My Approach


My aim is to provoke


excitement and make

Face Gymnastics

an integral part of


way of living.

Beauty. No longer beyond your budget!

Our Services

Lifetime course will teach you everything you need to know to improve the structure of your face and maintain a lifelong younger, fitter appearance.

In Your Face Gym. you have the opportunity to choose a training session that matches your individual and personal needs.

Together we will dedicate 180 minutes to your training program.

Both personal and small group training sessions allow for more flexibility.

We can agree on individual timing and choose the setting that suits you the most.

Training for large groups will be announced regularly on my website.


The price of the course includes

180 minutes training session
Detailed photo and video materials for you to take home
Exercise cards with basic routine
Ongoing support
Enrollment in FB Support Group


Group Sessions

Do you enjoy group exercise?

Join one of my group sessions. In 180 minutes you will learn a lot of new and experience heaps of fun! Just check the course terms and register on my site.


Private Sessions

Can not attend a group time?


Are you more of a private person looking for one to one session? You can book an individual course with me . We set everything together according to your individual needs.


Small Private Group Sessions

Are you a small group of friends who want to try my program together? ​

Simply register your interest to arrange your private group session with me.


Skype Sessions

Don't have much time to travel?

Do you live far away from our location.

Don't worry, we have a great news for you. We can meet  you over Skype or Facetime video conference.

Getting Help

Only active physical activity forces the muscle to maintain its shape and toned look.

As long as the muscles on the face are firm, the skin is tight too and you look younger and freshened up.

Exercise also reduces stress and improves mood.

Positively tuned people also look younger!


With regular exercise, you can achieve these amazing results



Lift and firm contours of face and neck

Long term improvement of wrinkles

Toned fuller cheeks

Reduce the appearance of sagging skin

Overall face rejuvenation

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